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A deeper look at pain

Do you wake up every morning feeling worse for wear, in pain somewhere in your body?

Most of us believe that the pain we feel is due to inflammation and you would be right on a physical level there is inflammation. Maybe its tight muscles, a bed you slept on incorrectly or a pain you have for so long you can’t even remember where it came from.

We often don’t look at the deeper element of pain because we see it as just a physical manifestation rather than an emotional one. In my years of practice as homeopathy and now as a CranioSacral practitioner I can honestly say that pain is often if not always associated with emotional pain such as grief, not letting go, holding on, stress, anxiety and anger. When we hold on to something emotionally, we manifest a physical disturbance within our body. Sometimes this disturbance comes up as inflammation causing backache, leg pain, migraines and so forth.

We don’t always know where the emotions orientated which is why guidance is something required either through meditation or with a practitioner like myself.

CranioSacral therapy and Reiki together use light touch across the whole body and Reiki energy to loosen the muscles and fascia of the body and cranium, to unlocking the emotions that might be trapped in that space and allows you to go on a journey. It will only unlock what you are ready to see and let go of, it allowing you the space for healing.

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