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Lower Back Pain- What are you holding onto?

This blog is about my experience of what I have felt when doing cranioscaral and energy healing for people with lower back pain. There are common themes that come up, emotion that are suck that cause pain.

Your inner wisdom and body talks as it knows what is deeply trapped within and what need to be released and you may consciously know but not realise.

Lower back is often associated with family, trauma from giving birth or loss of child, not feeling supported, Grief from loss of family member.

Mid back - often birth trauma, womb healing is needed here, loss of child or feeling unsupported, carrying unresolved family issues. Holding on to feeling of betrayal. Not trusting your body can do what it was meant for.

Left hip pain - feminine often grief loss of mother or mother figure. Could also be loss of sister. Problem with a female family member or wife.

Right hip pain - Masculine side Issues with partner, DV, Grief/loss of father or male figure.

I use a combination of CranioSacral/ energy healing to release the trauma or stored emotions and then back up that support with homeopathy to work deeper on rebalancing the system so it doesn't get stored again.

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