About Me


 Helping others through our bodies natural healing processes has been a passion of mine since childhood, and has continued to grow since studying and practising natural therapies. Over the years I have evolved as a homeopathic practitioner adding more of a nutritional and a spiritual element to my practice alongside homeopathy. 


Seeing the transformation people can go through that good nutrition, change in mindset, lifestyle and homeopathy can have is so rewarding, and being able to really help people on a higher level than just the physical. It becomes a life-changing experience for you and helps you to create a better version of yourself and I get to go on this journey with you, I get to see you transform and I feel blessed to be able to do this. 


Homeopathy helped me recover from asthma and eczema at a young age, my mother wanted to try something different over the multiple hospital visits and a truck load of antibiotics. This was my first introduction to homeopathy and because its amazing effects my mother continued to use it throughout our childhood.

My Mission:

Heal: Heal those who come my way and bring awareness to them on their own capabilities to heal themselves. Healing not only on the physically but also the emotional and mindset level. 

Educate: Bringing awareness of health and wellbeing to others through education, looking back at grass roots style living and teaching others how to live a simple, happy and fulfilling life, each and everyday.  This includes continuing to educate myself on the newest research and conditions and to continue to grow spiritually. 

Support: Supporting patients throughout their journey of self discovery and healing, through healing, guidance and education. Allowing them to take ownership of themselves and their journey. 

Sarah started her practice in July 2011. 

Sarah is also the creator Little Munchkins since 2013 and is the owner of Natures Happiness a company that creates allergy free formulas for toddlers. www.natureshappiness.com.au

Sarah has received her attunement in Reiki healing after going through her own spiritual journey and enlightenment she has been drawn to wanting to heal others on a spiritual level as well. She become a Reiki Master in 2019. 

Sarah was the AHA representative for the ICH (International Council of Homeopathy) in July 2017 till 2018, her role was to represent Australia in Homeopathy Internationally. 

In Oct 2017 till 2018 she was a National representative for Australian Homeopathic Association and represents them in an Executive position. 




Advanced Dip Western Herbal Medicine 

Advanced Dip Homeopathy 

Bachelor of Health Science (Comp Medicine)

Reiki Master 

Advanced Dip Nutritional studies 

CranioSacral Therapy level 1 & Level 2

Somatoemotional release level 1