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Fees and Service


Consultations with Sarah include a full health assessment of your current worries and concerns, advice and a treatment plan which may include homeopathy, nutrition, lifestyle changes, Supplements, CranioSacral therapy, energy healing and/or herbs. 

Initial face to face Adult $180 (1.5hrs) Pension Price $150

Initial Telehealth Adult $150 (1 hour) Pension $130

Standard Adult $90 (45mins)( no CranioSacral) Pension Price $80

Standard Consult with cranial $100 ( 60mins) Pension $90

Initial Child $130 (1 hr) 

Follow up child $80 (30 mins) 

Acute or short appointment $80 (30 mins) - Acute includes text follow ups until you are better. 

Quick follow up (15mins) $45 ( determined at the time)

All consult inclusive of GST

Phone and Zoom initial consult are shorted as no CranialSacral can be done online 


Breathwork - Transformational/ Somatic 

A safe space to fully let go and embody you, to release old trauma and patterns.

Online session 1 to 1 through zoom ( 1.5 hours) $150

In person 1 to 1 at the clinic  ( 1.5 hours) $150

Group session available also $95 ( check out events)

Intuitive/Reiki/Shamanic healing/ Pranic

Helps to relax the body and mind, reducing stress and anxiety. Clears negative energy and rebalances the chakras 

Healing for Adult ( 60 mins) $110

Reiki/ Cranio for Teens and Tween 30-45mins (10-17 years) $70


Homeopathy for Pets

Your animals respond to homeopathy the same way we do. It can be a natural form of treatment for them. For conditions such as skin conditions and anxiety/fears.  HP available 

Consultation  $55

Homeoprophylaxis for children 

Includes initial consultation for child all 12 remedies plus Ledum for prevention. Additional can be added.  For more information please email me. 

Cost $250

Ear Candling 

If your suffering from blocked ears, hearing difficulty or sinus problem why not come in and try some ear candling. Receive a reiki head massage to help you relax with your treatment.

Cost $50


Many test available - Microbiome testing, Blood tests, Food intolerance testing, DNA testing. 

Toxic metals and Minerals Testing 

Easy, fast test for metal toxicity. No needle or pain
Using high-frequency light spectrophotometry to provide an analysis of the trace elements, minerals and heavy metals in your body. That’s 20 essential minerals and trace elements and 14 toxic heavy metals.  It now also analysis 6 vitamins.
Toxic metal and Mineral Test with results in mins test from age 2+ $95 with consult 
$140 without consultation ( result sent to another practitioner )


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