Fees and Service


Consultations with Sarah include a full health assessment of your current worries and concerns, advice and a treatment plan which may include homeopathy, nutrition, lifestyle changes and/or herbs. 

Initial Adult $160 (1.5hrs)

Standard Adult $88 (45mins)

Initial Pensioner/ Concession $120 (1.5hrs)

Pensioner/concession Standard $77 (45mins)

Initial Child $120 (1 hr) 

Follow up child $77 (30 mins) 

New Patient Acute $77 (30 mins) - includes phone follow up 

All consult inclusive of GST

Reiki healing 

Reiki is a form of healing that helps to relax the body and mind, reducing stress and anxiety. 

1 hour treatment $110

Distant healing $55

Craniosacral therapy

The therapy normalising the environment around the brain and spinal cord and enhancing the body's ability to self-correct as well as working with the reiki energy to clear and relax the whole body by removing any energy blocks. If you prefer not to have reiki with the Craniosacral therapy please let me know before the consult. 

Initial Adult Session Cost $160  (1.5hours that 1 hour for the session and 30min for discussion and assessment  )

Standard Consult $95 ( 1 hour session) 

Child Consult $80 ( 45min  session which includes discussion) aged 2-12

Pensioners/ Seniors Initial consult  $120 and Standard $88

Homeopathy for Pets

Your animals respond to homeopathy the same way we do. It can be a natural form of treatment for them. For conditions such as skin conditions and anxiety/fears.  HP available 

Consultation  $55

Homeoprophylaxis for children 

Includes initial consultation for child all 12 remedies plus Ledum for prevention. Additional can be added.  For more information please email me. 

Cost $250

Ear Candling 

If your suffering from blocked ears, hearing difficulty or sinus problem why not come in and try some ear candling. Receive a reiki head massage to help you relax with your treatment.

Cost $48


DNA Gene testing 

There are different packages available the most common is the wellness package that test for everything including methylation. For more information please email me the cost for the full package is $299

However separate test that just test methylation are also available at a lower cost.

It takes about 3 week for the test to come in to have test done please book a free 15 min session to consult the DNA from a mouth swab. Then book a consult for 3 weeks time to check results, assess your health, see what genes are active, start a treatment plan. 

Oligoscan For heavy metals and Minerals 

Easy, fast and reliable test for heavy metal toxicity. No needle or pain.
Heavy metal and Mineral Test with the oligoscan results in mins test from age 2+ $95 with consult 
$130 without consultation 




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