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Transformational Breathwork and Coaching 

A safe space to fully let go and embody you, to release old trauma and patterns.

This style of breathwork will help you:

Release old pattern 

Release trauma that is trapped in the soma

Support spiritual and personal growth 

Personal Power Package 

Have you lost yourself along the way or has your personal power been stripped from you claim it back through breathwork. 

Include 3 one on one session either in person or on zoom session each going for 1.5 hours 

These are pre purchased packages 

Cost $400 (normally $450)


Trauma Release Package

Release old patterns and trauma from at the somatic 

This package has 2 options

zoom and face to face option 1 

6 1 on 1 session of breathwork trauma release 

$800 ( normally $900)

option 2- Face to Face only 


Is a combined therapy package including Craniosacral and somatic release therapy. 


3 one on one trauma release breath sessions 

3 CranioScaral treatments in-between session to help integrate the body.

Cost $700 (normally $750)

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