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What is Craniosacral Therapy?

It's more than just working on the Cranial bone it a whole body therapy which involves energy healing (for me I combine it with Reiki energy), light pressure about 5g which is a 2 x 5c pieces against your skin and I tune into the bodies movement and rhythm to release the fascia in the body.

What is Fascia?

Fascia is a sheet of connective tissue which stabilises, encloses, separate your muscles and organs. It what keeps us together and if we have a kink or damage to the fascia that area of the body may experience less movement and pain. The trauma can be as little as falling when you were small to a major accident. Over time we get more and more kinks and we start to experience headaches, Migraine, back pain and more.

The fascia is one single system that travels from place to place all of which is interconnected, which is why lower back pain can be the cause of your headaches.

By slowly releasing the kink in the fascia the area is able to heal. The pain goes as the inflammation is no longer there and you feel better.

The second system we work with is the Semi closed Hydraulic Craniosacral system which includes the dual membrane running down the spine. Most of the work on this area is done on the Cranial bones of the skull.

However, its more than just physical, some of our pain is related to suppressed emotions and stress, both Reiki and Cranio can help to release these emotions and reduce the stress response.

Here is a youtube video that shows you what happens in a session

To book contact me on 0412190114 or book online

For children booking please call first.

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