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Craniosacral therapy and Migraines (My story)

This is my story about how CranioSacral therapy helped me be migraine free for the first time in over 4 years.

I have been getting migraine since I was 14 years old but at this stage of my life I was only getting them twice a year. This could have been due to my mum supporting me with natural therapies such as Osteopath, Naturopath and Homeopathy.

I then become pregnant with my first child and didn't suffer from any migraine for years until he was about 2 years old.

When he turned 2 a big shift in life occurred and a lot of emotions ran high, I become a single mum coping with the terrible 2s on my own while supporting myself and him. I also started hardcore physical exercise (bootcamp), I believe this had a massive strain on my body and areas started to be impacted in a negative way. The migraine returned and along with it came a daily headache.

I couldn't work out why I suddenly was getting migraine once to twice a week and headache daily until a chiropractor mentioned the weight I was doing at boot camp where too heavy for my body shape. I stopped bootcamp and started pilates instead and the daily headaches went away. But the migraine remained and I was now getting them twice or three times a month.

I tried many homeopathic remedies which would reduce the amount of times I got the migraine or would lesson the pain, length of time, I saw 2 homeopath just in case I was getting it all wrong for myself as self treatment doesn't always work with homeopathy, Acupuncture, Chinese herbs, Chiropractor, spiritual healer, changed my diet, heavy metal detox, herbs, vitamins, mineral everything I know helps migraine. It frustrated me so much as a practitioner that has help many people with migraine by supporting them with homeopathic and gut healing and the migraine goes and doesn't come back. So I knew there was something deeper, an obstacle to cure is what we call it in Homeopathy.

Just over a month ago I got my monthly Migraine and I just broke down feeling helpless, I did some research in hopes of finding anything that might help I am across CranioSacral therapy and a youtube video from America, It all came together and made so much sense to me at that point.

I started seeing a therapist that combines Cranio with reiki, had a treatment once a week and I am now on week 5 and haven't had a migraine or a sore head. Have felt once that I might get one but the feeling passes quickly. I am currently not over the hurdle and believe I will need more sessions at least once a month to keep me migraines free.

I have since studied and started to become a Craniosacral therapist myself. It has the same philosophy as homeopathy, the body heals itself. All you are doing is removing the restriction that impact the body from self healing. It also combines reiki well as it has an aspect of reiki already within the therapy.

I am currently offering CranioSacral therapy and reiki together to adults 14 years and above.

I am also offering it to children depending on the age as part of the initial homeopathic treatment if I think it can help or as part of a follow up consult, to support the Homeopathy.

If you have any question or to book a session Call 0412190114 or book online

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