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My Argohomeopathy experiment

Updated: Jan 9, 2020

So last month I did an experiment using Argohomeopathy which is homeopathy for plants and it was quite amazing how well it worked.

My lemon tree was looking really sad infected with grass hoopers and curled leafs, it was flowering at the time but no lemons grow from the flowering.

I used Cal Phos 30 C as this is all I had normally you would use a 6C in some water and water the plant I did this twice. I also used some silica once in a 3 C potency. I have yet to give the plant some Hyssop for grasshoppers so I still have this problem.

3 weeks later the plant looks like this lots of new leafs, no curl and looking healthy

I will continue to use homeopathy to keep my plant healthy.

I know have lower potencies for plants available in clinic

If you want to know more refer to my blog on argohomeopathy

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