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Orgone energy how it can protect you from EMF.

Updated: Jan 9, 2020

With the ever increasing electromagnetic energy in the environment from phones, computers, gaming devices, Wifi and Watches there is an increasing need to protect our cells and body from the radiation caused by these devices. Science is starting to show us the impact of screen time, Wifi and other electromagnetic energy on the body. One study shows the distribution in the endocrine system, which is what develops our hormones. Another shows the effect of phones on the brain and cancer development.

There are a few different device available that protect the body from this energy, one that is growing in popularity overseas is orgone energy which creates a healing effect by balancing the electromagnetic energy.

Common effects of to much electromagnetic energy includes fatigue, lack of concentration and irritability.

The Orgone Theory

Wilhelm Reich developed the theory back in 1930s, after may experiments he believed that the world was made up of bio energetic life force or life energy but his belief was not uncommon traditional cultures held the similar beliefs in Chinese culture they call it Chi in India it called Prana and in Homeopathy we call it vital force. Reiki also uses life energy to heal.

Wilhelm believed it was key for physical and emotional balance there both being positive orgone energy, negative orgone energy or neutral . He build a orgone accumulation box which was noted to provide faster healing, increase plant growth and have positive effect on cancer.

Some setting where high positive orgone energy can be found would include waterfalls, rain forest, just after rain fall etc.

High levels of negative/deadly orgone energy is found in big cities, industrial areas, lots of devices and stagnate environments.

His theories however at the time as in most cases when it is beyond its time was met with harsh persecution from authorities. He passed away in 1957.

But Wilhelm did not live in an age of the internet and his theory is very relevant in our world today with the Wireless revolution causing electrosmog.

Some of the documented effect of EMF pollution include:

Stress and Fatigue



head fog


DNA alterations

lower immune system


Although Wilhelm did not develop the modern day Orgonite it is his theory that has been used in the development of them. It was independent researcher Karl Welz that developed the modern day orgonite. The new device and the breakthrough meant that it was activated by the negative energy and had a cloud buster effect.

Some common effects that have been reported from having an orgonite in the home and around you.

Better Sleep

Increased Mood

Increased Stamina

Vivid Dreams

Increased plant growth

How does it work ?

It was discovered that two metal services placed together but not touching would produce photons in the gap while energised by electromagnetic waves. As the experiment was done in a vacuums there energy was produced by nothing and was called Zone point or Scalar fields. Scalar Fields are healing to the body as they structure electromagnetic waves to be more coherent and less scattered. The metal components in the resin of an orgonite act as the metal and the EMF from the environment activate the scaler.

It basically cleans the negative energy through the metal in the orgonite in the area you have the orgonite.

A component of an orgonite is the quartz crystal as well as other crystals. Which have healing properties. The quartz crystal has the ability to focus and amplify energy it adds to the balancing of the orgone energy.

Orgonites can be made in any shape.

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More research is needed to discover more about the effect orgonite and how they work, but there is a real movement around the world using orgone energy and finding it to have great results.

Orgone necklaces are now available for order at $25 each comes with chain.

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