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What is Argohomeopathy ?

Updated: Jan 9, 2020

I have only recently started to read and research this fascinating type of homeopathy. Homeopathy for your plants. As my Lemon tree and some of my other organic plants have been struggling with pest and possum, I become interested in finding another way to treat them.

Argo Homeopathy is the use of homeopathy on plants and gardens and was discovered and used by Dutch homeopath Vaikunthanath das Kaviraj.

It helps strengthen the plants and makes them resistance to disease. It optimises the health of the plant and eliminates the susceptibility to disease and pests. Without having to use pesticides keeping your plants organic and chemical free.

A properly selected homeopathic remedy can help the plant absorb the minerals in the fertilisers and earth.

Here are some common remedies used in Argo Homeopathy

Aconite napellus – light rust Allium cepa – onion and carrot fly, weevils Belladonna – red-brown rust Bombyx processionea – caterpillars Bufo rana – pests Bovista – spider mites Calendula – mechanical damage, repotting Camphora – ants Carbo vegetabilis – strengthening weak plants Coccinella septempunctata – aphids Cuprum metallicum – mildew Helix tosta – snails ( used by duct homeopath with great success) Manganum – monilia, chlorosis Mentha – pests of cruciferous plants Natrum sulphuricum – fungus in rainy weather, brown rot Ocymum – to keep tomatoes healthy Ricinus communis – pests in viticulture Salicylic acidum – aphids, fungus Sambucus nigra – prevention of pests Silicea terra – strengthening resistance, healthy soil (must have remedy) Tanacetum vulgare – pests, black vine weevil Thuja occidentalis – leaf curl, scale insects, spider mites Zincum metallicum – nematodes

Thank you to the for this break down list and it uses.

The most important remedy is silica it help strengthen the plant in all aspects. It is the number one remedy for all gardeners and should be used on all plants. It help retain water so less watering is needed and helps plant grown on soil that is to dry normally. This was discovered when used in Australia 6 weeks after treatment of a 100 hectare block of land water was being retained.

A full repertory on agrohomeopathy to really pin point the right remedy can be found here

Remembering that in homeopathy a carefully selected remedy using a totality of symptoms works best.

Dosage recommendations

one pill or 5 drops 6c added to 200ml of water shaken in a spray bottle and sprayed on the plants leave or used to water the plant at the roots. It is said the watering is more effective.

The treatment last 3 months so may need to be repeated after 3 months.

My experiment

So I decided to do an experiment on my lemon tree which has been raided by grasshoppers, has leaf curl and all kinds of other issues. I will post the full experiment on my blog with before and after picture in a month time.

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