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Homeopathy and Upper respiratory concerns

Upper respiratory concerns are one of the most common illness that affect both children and adults, this is mainly due to the diet and lifestyle we live that does not support the immune system, high sugar, food intolerance and stress can be an active trigger for illness.

Family history or personal history from birth can be triggers for an underachieve immune system and lung concerns. We of course cannot forget the possible emotional element to condition like asthma.

Of course, healthy individual who gets a cough from a cold if left untreated recover quickly and in the long run are better for it as their body has improved that immunity through system intelligence. A virus, however, seems to linger a little longer and can be more extreme and those who already have a compromised immune system will struggle and may get a secondary infection if left untreated.

Many upper respiratory infections do not require antibiotic if treated naturally on the onset or if the person is already has a healthy immune system to combat the condition.

Through the use of homeopathy, herbs and vitamins you can quickly recover without requiring further immune suppression drugs.

If your the kind of person who is often sick with upper respiratory conditions, a full overhaul of the immune system is required to build it to a state of better health. Building put the health of the lungs through exercise and homeopathic constitutional and miasmatic remedies can also have a significant difference.


There are so many trigger and possible cause for asthma, most are childhood but some adult suffer from asthma later on in life.

Possible Causes

  • Genetics

  • Allergies

  • Studies have shown an increase in a child getting asthma if the mother used paracetamol daily or every other day in the 3rd trimester of pregnancy.

  • Studies show an increase in babies who received

  • Children brought up in a sterile environment not playing with enough dirt

  • Infective - only comes on when you have a cold or flu

  • Emotional element - Broken homes, abuse, neglect ( child or person tends to feel caged, stuck, hurt, cant stand up for themselves, wants to be perfect, anxious, disempowered.

  • Gut bacteria dysfunction - too many antibiotics too early in life

In a consultation a homeopath will collect all the information that may pinpoint the cause so to better understand the condition. A constitutional remedy is prescribed alongside a nosode or possible an acute remedy will be used.

Homeopathy can be very successful however let us not forget how serious an asthma attack can be, as they can be fatal.

In asthma Homeopathy can and in most serve cases is used in conjunction with medication prescribed by your doctor.

Studies on homeopathy and Upper Respiratory conditions

Homeopathic medicine for acute cough in upper respiratory infections

2nd link to full study

The effectiveness of Safety of a homeopathic medicine product in Pediatric URTI

Homeopathic treatment for upper Respiratory infections in children

Effect of homeopathic intervention on medication consumption in Atopic and Allergic disorders

There are so many more good studies that could be added but I would be here all day.

Homeopathy is a traditional medicine. It may be used in conduction with other medicines. For any ongoing chronic condition, it is important to be assessed or examined by your healthcare professional or specialist. Always seek medical advice in emergencies.

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