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MCT - growing in popularity

Updated: Jan 9, 2020

It could be called the new fad as it raised in popularity, most fad I find however are just that fads that don't really work for what they have been designed for. However I was quite surprised by this one after doing some research to find that I myself am interested in trying MCT.

I never recommend something unless I myself have tried it or have seen amazing clinical results.

So what is MCT?

MCT is translated to Medium chain triglycerides and the current fad is MCT oil derived from coconut oil. But you must be careful that you purchase the correct one that contain one or both these elements in the ingredients

Caprylic Acid (c8)- Has anti microbial properties and help maintain a healthy gut. Your liver doesn't need to process it so it turn more quickly into energy. Help suppress cravings.

Capric acid (c10)- This type is a little slower in turning into energy but still needs not to go through the liver.

Avoid (c6) as this type caused stomach aches and pains, also makes your throat burn.

Coconut oil is mostly comprised of Lauric acid which must pass through the liver and as such more commonly known as LCT but of course has many benefits as a antimicrobial.

The research

There are not a massive amount of large studies but many small ones. But all comes to the same conclusion that MCT oil derived from coconut help with weight loss and weight management without raising lipid profile due to the enhancement of energy production within the body.

It also helps to improve immunity.

There been a small amount of research around MCT helping to increase insulin glucose metabolism in diabetic patients

From clinical observation is help better function digestive system and easier elimination.

Body builder and people who want to build muscle are also using it due to it energy production and fay reduction.

It seem to be more effective when having it in coffee. But you can also add it to your smoothie.

Warning: you must start slowly as the MCT can be a shock to most peoples body if your not use to consuming MCTs. Half the dose to begin with is recommended. The first day can make you feel a little sick in the stomach if you don't start slow.

I am stocking MCT oil but can be purchased at health food stores.

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