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The benefits of White sage

Updated: Jan 9, 2020

White sage is very different to the sage you put in your food for cooking. White sage is found in smudging sticks or as loose dried leaf to burn inside the home or around ourselves.

The burning or smudging of sage is a Native American tradition for removing negative energies.

White sage benefits

Removes negative energies

Cleanse your aura

It emits negative ions and removes the positive ions that are like dust to our aura and energy.

Its an antibacterial

Makes the room smell wonderful

How to use sage

You can tell how much an area needs to be cleansed by the amount of smoke and quantity of smoke that is emitted from the stage when burning. Sage will stop burning once the negative ions and energy is removed.

Never put the white stage under water to stop it burning it will burn itself out when completed.

The smoke will also drift to area where it is needed. When using loose leaf only a small amount normally 1-2 leafs is needed per smudge if the quality is good.

Light the leaf/s or stick and blow out the fire, it will start to smoke.

Make sure there are no fans or high wind blowing directly at the sage, which may make the ashes fly everywhere.

I use loose high grade sage in a charka bowl ( fire proof) but you can also use large smudging shells or sticks. I would use it in my home a few times a week and before and after every reiki session. Of course you can do it as often as you wish.

You can smudge yourself, your house, a room, animals or even objects.

Smudging an Object

If it small you can hold it above the smoke coming from the bowl and let the smoke surround the whole object, do this until you feel it has been cleansed.

Smudging a house

Move the bowl or stick around the house making sure you go to each corner of each room. You can use a feather to fan the smoke around the room or just leave the bowl in the centre of each room, and let it do the work needed and then move to the next room.

I currently have a few bags of high quality sage available for sale at the clinic, the same sage I use in reiki sessions.

Do not use if pregnant or lactation as it can reduce the milk supply unless weening.

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