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Winter season must haves

Updated: May 18, 2021

Welcome to Autumn, with winter just around the corner, it time to get prepared and armed with the knowledge of remedies, and things that you can use to keep the immune system healthy and recover quickly from infection.

As discussed last week in a older post Anas Barb is a must have in your homeopathic kits. Here are a few trip on how to recover quick and build that immunity.

Nutritional aspect for Adults and Children

Cod liver oil - Rich is Vitamin A and D as well as filled with omega's not only is it a great immune stimulator, but help children with their learning. A recent study showed children on Omega oils improved in reading and writing. Vitamin D when low has shown to be a contributing factor in respiratory illness and as such a natural vitamin D from cod liver oil protect against respirtory illness. For adult low in Vitamin D this may mean a Vitamin D supplement is required to increase the level of Vitamin D.

Vitamin C- Increase food enriched with Vitamin C such as oranges, dragonfruit and mandarin. Then use a supplement only when illness strict to help with recovery. Be careful with Vitamin C it can be irritating to the digestive system and if diarrhoea occurs the body has had to much Vitamin C reduce the dose.

Digestive health - Digestive health is so important in keeping our immune system healthy, destruction and disturbance of this can cause a cycle of lowered immunity and illness to occur.

Masking it with probiotic is not the answer and depending on what is going on it needs to be addressed on a constitutional homeopathic or through a gut healing. Some things that may be happening include pain, diarrhoea, constipation, reflux, gas, thrush and bloating.

A number of reason could be multiple antibiotics, food allergy or intolerance, leaky gut, thrush or a parasite. This need to be addressed first to have a healthy digestive system and a good healthy immune system.

It could be as simple as a lack of fibre in the diet or a bad diet full of sugar and processed foods, again this need to be address and not only is it causing gut issues but the lack of nutrition would cause a lower immunity.

Iron - lower iron level are found mostly in women, however can be common in anyone not getting meat or on a vegetarian/vegan diet. Iron is an important factor in immunity and needs to be considered if symptoms of anaemia are present. This include an extreme tiredness, lack of motivation, not sleeping well, headaches and pale looking skin. Before taking Iron however it best to consult your health practitioner and even conduct an iron test.

Eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetable and have a clean and healthy diet to keep up overall health. Drink plenty of water and reduce intake of sugar and processed foods.

When sick make sure you STOP and look after yourself, I think we forget this and don't read our bodies and what they are trying to tell us. Sometime we just have to STOP and rest.

Homeopathic help

Aconite- Used acutely for the first signs of illness, sore throat, feeling run down, fever.

Belladonna - A must have for high grade fever, help to bring down the fever, for any pain such as ear infections and burning sore throat. Skin is hot to touch.

Ant tart- One of my favourite remedies these days as we all seem to be getting this type of cough. It the spasmodic cough that you try hard to cough up mucus but it just want come up. Has coughing fits and breathlessness.

Ars- Another must have in your kit for any gastro type situations. Given as soon as your feel the nausea coming on and the possibility it might develop into vomiting and or diarrhoea. Could be some bad food you ate or caught the gastro virus from someone.

If you want to learn more about homeopathic remedies and how to use them including how to best dose in acute situations and what remedies are best for colds, flu, cough and digestive then come to one of my workshop held early during April-May.

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