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Travel Bug - What homeopathic to bring when Traveling

The holiday season is fast approaching and many of us jet of somewhere either oversea or domestically. So what remedies are best to have on hand in your first aid kit when on holiday, and when should you use them.

First thing I would do is to double check what illness are common in the area you are traveling to and make arrangement for an appointment to discuss HP if this is required as this must be done at least one month before traveling and in some cases kept up during the travels.

General information

Check if contaminated water is of concern in the chosen country if it is, don't drink it that included added ice cubes. Use bottle water on tooth brushes and don't swim in it either.

Food - avoid raw food and fruit unless peeled in area with contaminated water supply. Probiotics and a parax cleaner every morning is a good gasto intestinal protector, for kids just a probiotic.

Keep hydrated in hot weather, coconut water is a good electrolyte

Homeopathics just a few major ones

Aconite : A must have for acute infection, nipping the cold in the bud. possible causes may be a fright, cold or dry wind. The person has dry hot skin, is thirsty for cold drinks. Restlessness. worse in the evening.

Apis: great for stings and bites, swelling, redness, pain burning and stinging. restlessness. better for cold applications. Also good for allergic reactions that bring up a rash with the same symptoms.

Arg nit: Remedy for fear of flying. They feel hurried, may cause belching, better for open air, may feel claustrophobic. Also look a Gels as an additional remedy for Fear of flying.

Arnica: A must have always, for any injury, bruising, sprains, muscle pains.

Arsenicum : the must have Gastro remedy. Food food poisoning. symptoms want to be left alone, pain and discharge are bring yet patient feel chilly. headache, thirty, aversion to smell of food. lots of vomiting and diarrhoea.

Belladonna: remedy for fever. entire body feel hot and red. the eye may be glassy and pupils dilated. onset is sudden. patient may feel angry and delirious.

Carb veg: This is for the most extreme when the body has completely collapsed. Body is cold, pale, limp. The worst kind of gastro that has been going for a while. They are dehydrated. Diarrhoea caused by over eating or bad food, stomach pains and bloating. ( make sure you are giving/taking electrolyte as well).

Cocculus: Travel sickness remedy - nausea, lack of sleep ( jet lag), weak, numb feeling with trembling. Dizziness.

Ipecac: consent nausea with vomiting that does not make it go away. might also be a dry cough, not thirsty, constant salivation, better for open air. (sea sickness)

Ledum : remedy for wounds - Has anti tetanus properties. Use for deep wounds such as bites, where the are his swollen, cold but feel worse for heat and better for cold applications. pains are throbbing, tearing and sticking. Helps with the healing.

nux vomica: remedy for hangover and over eating- A great liver detox. Person my vomit, emotionally tense and overs sensitive feeling, irritable. Best taken before bed the night of the heavy drinking for food.

Sol: sol is a great remedy or sun protection along side a good sunscreen that is natural and contain no nasty ingredients , esp if your holiday is mostly spent at the beach.

Veratrum : Another good gastro remedy, they are very chilly, profuse sweat, and watery diarrhoea. May also vomit. very thirty, desire cold drink but they make it worse.

Other great must have

rescue remedy - to keep down the stress

Creams - antiseptic ( hypericum and calendula )

Arnica cream to put on swelling , sprains or bruising

Most will be have an acute dosage attached expect for Sol. For further information on dosage and access to remedies please contact me directly.

Homeopathy is a traditional medicine. It may be used in conduction with other medicines. For any ongoing chronic condition, it is important to be assessed or examined by your healthcare professional or specialist. Always seek medical advice in emergencies.

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