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5 step to a healthier life through food

Updated: Jan 9, 2020

Here are 5 simple step that you can do for you and your family right now to live a healthier life.

Step 1- No soft drink no juice and no cordial

Both are full of sugar and sugar is associated with weight gain, illness and hyperactivity. Fruit juice made with character to target children have no juice in them most of the time it just flavours and water, fruit juice from concentrate is just pure sugar as the fruit no longer contains the fibre to break down the sugar content.

Soft drink is just pure sugar with additives of colours and flavours, the worst one of them being coke, no child should ever be consuming coke not only is the whole thing basically sugar but also caffeine. No diet coke is not an alternative as it then contain artificial sweeteners that are band in most other countries due to the cancer causing effect.

Alternatives other then Water

Smoothie freshly made at home with fruit (frozen or fresh)

Fresh juice self pressed or cold pressed in moderation (once a week max)

Water with lemon juice or mint infused

Ice tea (homemade) - infuse a herbal tea and add some honey

Water kefir drinks (gives water a natural fizzy effect and help digestion)

Kombusha - similar to water kefir

Mineral water

Step 2- Be kind to yourself

None of us are perfect and we cant always eat the cleanest and most perfect diet, so be kind to yourself and release that sometimes your to busy to make a super healthy meal for your children. Do the best you can that day and then pick yourself up and try again tomorrow.

How to make things easier

Plan meals for each week

Make one meal for the whole family, separate each component for your child makes it easier for fussy children. Reward children who try new food or eat there dinner.

Step 3- Minimise Take away food

Not only is it cheaper to make a dish at home for the whole family or yourself (left over can be lunch) but at least you know its low in sugar and fat.

If your time poor think slow cooked meal that you can have ready once you get home from work.

Faster meals that only take 30 mins to prepare and make.

Think Fresh and You cant go wrong.

Step 4- Eat organic

This is actually not as hard as you think and reduces your intake of chemical massively even by eating 75% organic produce. It also not as expensive as you think and I believe our health is the most important and should be our biggest investment. Do the most that you can organic.

  • Go to markets - most markets have spray free produce without the expensive price tag

  • Join a co op group- bulk organic items like pasta and flours are much cheaper.

  • Get it straight from the farm- there are farms that delivery organic fruit and veg to an area near you every week.

  • grow your own- even in a town house you can grow your own herbs and a few veggies, in a house with a backyard you can easily get most of your veggies from your own garden.

  • Coles and Woolworth always have an organic option to your package food.

  • Bulk health food stores- There are a few bulk health food stores around where you can purchase your flour, grains etc

Step 5- Reduce packaged food

Minimise your intake of sugar, bad fats and chemicals by reducing the amount of things you buy in a packet. You help not only yourself but the environment to.

Increase what is fresh

Buy in bulk and keep in container in your cabinet

Make your own

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