Homeopathy, Reiki, Integrative Nutrition
CranioSacral therapy
Sarah Kottmann

Natural health and wellbeing from the inside out.

Start your journey today by visiting Sarah, I will help you and your family start on the path to health and wellbeing through the wonderful uniqueness  of classical homeopathic care, Holistic Integrative nutritional treatment and lifestyle changes.

Come and experience the beauty of CranioSacral therapy with Reiki, which allows your body to release aches and pains and puts you in a state of calmness, ease and relaxation. Leaving you energised and feeling more movement within the body. 

The ways in which Sarah can help you?

Digestive issues 

Food intolerance, leaky gut, Chronic Diarrhoea, constipation, colic etc. 

Babies and Children health


Colic, teething, Immune support, anxiety,

behavioural problems, nutrition and more

Emotional and Mental health


Assisting in the management both through CranioSacral Therapy , Reiki and Homeopathy

Cancer and Chemo support 

Support through the cancer journey and support for adverse effect of Chemo and radiation before and after 


Hay fever, sinus, hypersensitive to multiple factors. 

Skin conditions 

Skin conditions such as Eczema and Psoriasis 

Weight Loss and Nutrition

If you're wanting to lose weight the right way. Nutritional support also available for health and wellbeing

Environmental Heavy Metal Toxins 

Assistance in removal of heavy metals that may cause autoimmune disease, infertility, autism and fatigue.  Testing available 

Pain management 

arthritis, RA, autoimmune conditions, Fibromyalgia, joint pain and more. Through Homeopathy and cranioSacral therapy

The immune system 

Cold, flu, cough and more supporting you immune system 

DHA Testing

genetic test that shows you how your body works. Liver function, vitamin and mineral absorption and more. 

Womens Health 

Irregular or painful periods, Menopause, Fertility, Pregnancy, Thyroid health. 


I have a number of medical issues that conventional medicine has not been able to alleviate. Sarah was able not only to pin point the exact problem but also to provide me with a homeopathic remedy which has either relieved the symptoms or completely taken care of the problem all together.

I have no hesitation in recommending sarah to any prospective clients.

Sharon, NSW

Plant Wreath 1


A unique form of healing which has been around for 200 + years and used by million around the world

Colorful Branch

Craniosacral Therapy

 Normalising the environment around the brain and spinal cord and enhancing the body's ability to self-correct.

Golden Chakra

Reiki Master

Release anxiety and sadness, feel more relaxed and at ease. 

Become attuned to Reiki yourself


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