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Weight loss for Women

Trying to lose weight and it not quite working try not try this. Heres why ?

Well, the best way to answer that question is to tell you how the body works physically, and we will also look at the mental side as well as that is an important factor in weight loss.

First, we must remember we are all different and have different life experiences and genes that determine our health and wellbeing. Men and Women have different hormones, so different things work for men and women.

However, there is one significant physical aspect that we all share: how our body signal works. Our body is made to survive, so it does everything it needs to make you live as long as possible. Your body signals have no idea if you decide one day to cut out carbs or not eat for three days to lose weight. What you are telling your body at this moment is that food is lacking, and we must store everything we need just in case we have no meal tomorrow. You are essentially shutting down your metabolism.

Yes, you will lose weight for a short period, then when you eat food again, you will put all the weight back on plus extra because it takes longer to reactivate a metabolism them it does to shut it down.

So, the first rule of weight loss does not cut out essential food groups altogether.

The body must have good fats, carbohydrates, and protein. You want to have the healthy option of these foods, and you want to trick the body into using the fat stores without it thinking its lacking food. Combined with cutting out sugar and processed fats. Then, exercise regularly; you should be able to lose weight slowly and continually.

Of course, another factor now comes into play, where the difference between people comes in. Your gut health, thyroid function, toxins, Gut parasites, age, and mindset all play a role.

Mindset: Our mind is extremely powerful; you can trick your mind into thinking it is on chemotherapy, and you will start to lose your hair, and the only thing you are taking is a sugar pill. Many studies have been done on the power of our minds. If you believe you can’t lose weight or keep putting weight on, you will create your reality. Instead, try saying, “I lose weight every time I eat healthy food”, “I lose weight every time I exercise”, “I can easily lose weight and maintain it”.

Tricking the metabolism: A shutdown of the metabolism does not start after one day of missing food or counting calories; it begins after multiple days. So, try this, try having a low carb day where you eat more good fats and protein, alternate with a high carb day where you eat rice and pasta.

7 week plan available here. This is just some ideas to get you thinking about low carb meals and high carb meals.

Download PDF • 9.26MB

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