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Homeopathy Student Clinic

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About Katie 

Katie is a Naturopath, Kinesiologist, Reiki practitioner and student of Homeopathy who aims to inspire personal growth and vitality. Katie has a special interest in food as medicine, emotional wellbeing and intuitive healing and follows the wisdom that each person is unique in their healing requirements.

How it works?


Student consults

You will have a consultation with the student who requires a certain number of hours to complete there homeopathy course.  Sarah will be supervising the student.


How is the Consult taken ?

The the clinic face to face or on zoom Mondays only from 9am till 1pm. 


What happens once the student has finished there hours. 

Once the student has finished there hours required your case will be passed on to the next student to continue or if there no student you have the choice of having it taken over by Sarah however the fees will be the normal fees. 



Initial consults $80 (1.5 hours)

Kids Initial $65

Follow up ( 30 mins ) $40

Remedy $20 each 



You will be provided the remedy 24 hours after the consultation so the student has time to discuss with the supervisor. Unless it is an acute situation that requires a remedy as soon as possible. 


How do I book?

There is a booking link below. 


Homeopathy only 

As the student is studying homeopathy the only thing the student can advise you on is homeopathy, lifestyle changes and diet. Even if they have other qualifications. 

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