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Vitamin D and respiratory health

Many years ago I wrote an article on new research for natural practitioner on the importance of vitamin D in critically ill children. I remember when studies where starting to be conducted on the importance of vitamin D and immune health.

Many years on more and more research has became available on the importance of vitamin D and now we see that in some people genes can effect how vitamin D is absorbed from synthetic supplements. Which has brought some natural health companies to create activated vitamin D for people like me who can only absorb it from the Sun.

Did you know getting sunshine for 30min provide over 20000 IU of vitamin D that is absorbable by everyone no matter your genes. This has to be done however without sun cream and not straight after jumping in the ocean. As vitamin D is fat soluble it requires fat to be transported so removing all of your oil from your skin makes it hard for vitamin D to be absorbed.

Since 2012 we have seen the importance of Vitamin D levels in upper respiratory infections, Asthma and even influenza. We have come to release over the past 2 years just how many people are defiant in vitamin D. Having both an antiviral and ant microbial action on the body.

Even 100 year ago it was well known that sunshine could help those with tuberculosis and research was later conducted on the antimicrobial effect of vitamin D.

Vitamin D has also been shown to stop invading pathogens from entering the body.

It is recommend to be between 120nmol/l to 150nmol/l to stop invading pathogen and boost the immune system.

Other natural sources of vitamin D include cod liver oil, fatty fish and on a plant based level mushrooms. Vitamin D2 is often made of mushroom or algae.

Your levels can be tested through a blood test.

Just a few studies Studies

Vitamin D Deficiency and Critically Ill Children

Madden K, Feldman H, Ellen M. Smith, BS, Catherine M. Gordon, MD, et al. 2012. Vitamin D deficiency in critically ill children. Pediatrics 2011-3328. Published ahead of print August 6 2012.

Vitamin D and respiratory infections in adults

This is for information purposes only it is important to speak to your health care professional before starting any supplement.

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