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Tinnitus - Homeopathy/CranioSacral

Tinnitus is experienced by around 20% of the population. Factors contributing to its onset vary from person to person. Varying factors might include restricted temporal bones, nerve compression, neuritis, vascular disturbances, congestion in the ear, imbalances in the neck, persistent exposure to noise, teeth clenching and grinding, TMJ dysfunction, stress factors, trauma and many others

We also have to consider the spiritual factors, how is trying to talk to you and what are you not listening to ?

What Involved in a Cranio-sacral Therapy Session ?

A Cranio-sacral Therapy session involves a consultation period at the start of each session where the CST therapist checks in with you. The therapist will ask you to lay down on the massage bed. They will then begin the session by grounding themselves and tapping into your energy. A CST session involves very gentle holding of different parts of the body. In the case of tinnitus areas which might be held include the cranium, sacrum, temporal bones, mouth work and ears.

In my session I also used energy/ reiki, Homeopathy and sound healing.

How Can Cranio-sacral Therapy Help Tinnitus?

Cranio-sacral Therapy can help some tinnitus cases very quickly, others gradually and sometimes it might make very little difference. In most tinnitus cases Cranio-sacral Therapy is able to improve a client’s situation. CST helps to calm the nervous system, improve energetic flow around the temporal bones and through-out the body. Even when tinnitus symptoms persist CST can help you to change your reaction to them, in a calm detached way. CST is also a helpful way to approach trauma held within the body. Processing trauma in a somatic way can help you to feel more relaxed and therefore make tinnitus less bothersome.

How Long Would I Need to See a Cranio-sacral Therapist For?

A recommended time to see a Cranio-sacral Therapist for would be a minimum of Three weeks in a row and then spread fortnightly over a few months . Everyone is different and individual so we can never know just how many treatment are needed. Often once people have tried CranioSacral therapy and discovered it benefits on the nervous system they continue to come back for health maintenance.

How can homeopathy help ?

Homeopathy is very individualised and work on rebalances and supporting the whole body to self heal. It can work on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspect of health.

The most appropriate prescription is selected based on a detailed, in-depth analysis of symptoms of the condition as observed in each person. The character of noise and related causes are taken into consideration.

Buzzing noises can be treated well with Homeopathic medicines China and Salicylic Acid. For ringing noises, Chininum Sulph is a good choice of medicine. Phosphorus is yet another of the wonderful Homeopathic medicines for tinnitus with humming sounds. To deal with hissing noises in the ear, Homeopathic medicines Ferrum Picric and Graphites are used. Graphites works well for roaring noises in the ear while Manganum Aceticum best treats whistling tinnitus.

These are just a few of the many remedies available that have a tinnitus picture. I also find a combination of constitutional homeopathy and cranioSacral/Energy Healing work best.

Ear candling has also been shown to help tinnitus.

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