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The Different Types of Homeopathic Remedies

I was reading a fantastic article on the uses of multiple remedies for fertility and came across the work of Vannier who described the different type of remedies so well.

If you have heard me speak I speak about the constitutional remedies referred to by Vannier as the fundamental remedy.

However often we use Bowl nosodes and Miasm as well as organ remedies that still fit within the overall picture but support the Fundamental remedy. But Vannier has categorised them and explained them really well.

Remedy Description according to Dr Leon Vannier:

Fundamental remedy - In my words the constitutional remedy and may also at time be the Similimum remedy has a profound, long lasting effect.

It re establish the equilibrium of an individual.

Drainage remedies - Prevent aggravation and are concerned with function of the organ. Eliminate toxins but is still individualised based on the person picture state and the remedies picture state. For example a bowl nosode is something I often use.

Lesional remedies - used in low potency for chronic cases where there is an anatomical change within the organ and the symptom stem from the structural disfunction. For example symptom arise due to prolapse. Remedy is still always matched to overall symptom picture.

Miasmatic ( nosode ) Remedy - Chosen according to patient family history and health.

Miasm are emotional and physical responses that have been passed down through generations. An example is that someone in the family had tuberculosis which was then passed down in the next generation as asthma or weak lungs.

Sometime more than just the fundamental remedy is required for complete and long lasting healing.

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