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Survival Kit - 2022

Lots of people at home and out of action so I wanted to do this blog to support those wanting to know what they can do for their immune system as this time.

Immunity support

Immune boost- a combination of homeopathic nosodes and Homeophylaxis remedies to support the immune system.

I have also added some Bach flower remedies for the mental emotional side ( these will only work if required unlike homeopathic which will make you prove them hence why I have used bach flowers)

Vitamin D- If you have nothing else take Vitamin D remembering that some people gave DNA snips that prevent normal vitamin D supplement from absorbing so make sure you get the activated form or sunshine. To read more about Vitamin D and the respiratory system check out my previous blog.

Vitamin C - you can go wrong with Vitamin C used for immunity before and during just up the dose when you are sick.

Kids 500mg to 1000mg a day

Adults 1000mg a day

Double the dose for kids when sick and triple it for adults

Zinc - Be careful not to do to high dosing if you zinc deficiency then take since if your not only take when unwell.

Maritime pine - 30 drop daily support lung health and is an antiviral. The French maritime pine bark extract PycnogenolⓇ has demonstrated anti-inflammatory, vascular and endothelium-protective effects in over 90 human clinical studies.

NAC- N-acetylcysteine (NAC), a precursor of the antioxidant glutathione, has been used to loosen thick mucus in the lungs. However, NAC can also boost the immune system, suppress viral replication, and reduce inflammation. For adults 1000mg a day

Elderberry - A great immune herb for the lungs and viruses.

Homeopathic in your kit

Match symptom picture with remedy

Ferrum phos: First remedy to think of in the beginning of an illness with heat, fever, earache, or just for feeling generally unwell. Symptoms are vague and don't particularly seem to fit the picture of any remedy. People who get a cold easily and are susceptible to chest troubles. Can be useful early on at the runny nose stage.

Arsenicum album: Burning discharge from a runny nose, burning diarrhoea, burning sore throat, etc. Colds, headaches, sinus, can't sleep, feels worse from midnight to 2am. Symptoms feel out of proportion to the illness: they are restless; weak; anxious; feel dreadful and says things like "I'm going to die" when they seem to only have a burning runny nose and the start of an illness; fussy and difficult to please; very thirsty for frequent sips; they don't want cold food and drink.

Hepar sulph: Is an early remedy for sore throats with pain spreading to ear, splinter-like pain (anywhere), like a fish bone or pin. Is a follow-on remedy if it has got to the chunky, productive cough stage. Inflammation which is slow to resolve – ears, chest colds. Over-sensitivity is a keynote. Angry, irritable – very difficult when sick. Chilly. Better: warmth, wrapping up.

Phosphorus: Scratchy throat. Hoarseness and a tickly cough that hurts the throat, or a cold that travels quickly to the chest. The person may feel heaviness or tightness. A thirst for cold drinks (that may cause nausea after warming up in the stomach). Coughs, colds. Anxious. Better: after sleep, cold drinks, massage, company. Worse: cold, weather change, thunderstorms, being alone.

Gelsemium: Feels so tired they can hardly lift their head off the bed, generally whole body feels heavy, weak. Drowsiness with heavy, drooping eyelids. Trembling, chills and heat up and down spine, flu symptoms with aching muscles. Nervous with frequent urination or diarrhoea. Symptoms after shock or fright. They are worse in this humid weather.

Rhus tox: Lots of people have been saying this remedy was so good for the hot topic of the moment however a 30c will need to be repeated often and higher potencies seem to be really helpful. Back ache, hot painful swelling of joints, sore joints, worse for first movement, better once gets going. Cold sores, shingles, colds and coughs. Tongue may have triangular red tip. Worse: cold, wet weather, before storm, night, getting chilled or wet after being hot, over exertion. Better: heat, hot baths, movement.

Antimonium tart: When there is rattly, wet, chesty breathing and it's hard to cough something up. Feels/sounds as they are going to suffocate when they are coughing. Drowsiness. White tongue.

Bryonia: During a headache any movement seems to hurt, even just talking or moving the eyes. Sitting up can bring on vomiting. Coughing is triggered by speaking. Dryness generally of coughs; joints; stiffness of back and neck; dry painful coughs and colds which descend to chest. Constipation. Cranky and worried about business, might be better alone. Thirsty for cold drinks. Painful on deep breathing, not good in a hot room, dry weather, movement, touch. Better: pressure and lying on painful part.

Eupatorium perforatum: Classic flu remedy, similar to Bryonia with sore, bruised pains in the bones, (if your muscles feel achey it's more likely you need Gelsemium), bones almost feel as if they're broken. Very thirsty.

Pulsatilla: The keynote is changeable because the symptoms seem to shift around in the body. Anything with lots of mucous; thick, yellow or yellow-green or creamy. Coughs dry at night and loose morning, earaches, fever, styes, upset tummies. Weepy, clingy, whingy when sick and desire company. Changeable moods and symptoms. Chilly but dislike heat and stuffy rooms. Usually thirstless. Worse: rich, fatty food, evening. Better: company, fresh air, cold food and drink, after crying.

Phosphorus: Irritating, loose, dry, spasmodic coughs. Cough can be aggravated by talking, laughing, and exposure to cold air. The person may feel heaviness or tightness. Irritating coughs. Green or yellow green mucous. Thirsty for cold drinks, which may be vomited. Desires company. Irritable and sluggish when ill, apathetic, energy flares and subsides to exhaustion again. Better: after sleep, cold drinks, massage, company. Worse: cold, weather change, thunderstorms, being alone.

Just a few of the many I want to thank HHC (homeopathic clinic in Sydney) for the remedy explanations and remedy pictures listed above

There are many more but these have been commonly seen.


This is for information purposes only it is important to speak to your health care professional before starting any supplements or herbal formulations.

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