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Proving of Campo del Cielo

Six homeopaths from around Australia took part this proving in May 2022

Campo Del Cielo contains 6.67% nickel, 0.43% cobalt, 87 ppm, gallium, 3.6 ppm iron, 407 ppm germanium, and 0.25% phosphorus. It has an octahedrite structure.

The name Campo del Cielo means “Field of Heaven”

The field impact creator cover 3x20km and contains at least 26 craters. It has been estimated to be 4000 to 5000 years old.

It was used by the Aboriginal tribes in Argentina to make weapon and spears. In 1774 is when it was first identified as a meteorite. At that time, it was deep in the earth and couldn’t be extracted so it was left and 100 years later it surfaced. It is one of the heaviest meteorites that has been discovered.

Main themes


Aversion to water and theme around water

The need for connection and unity


Dyslexia - mistakes in writing

Suppressed emotions and expression

Anger and feeling of being attacked

The need to escape from ones situation

Lots of digestive issues along side upper respiratory

Possible use in certain bacterial and viral stomach bugs

Proving where done in a 30c potency and came from an immersion I made, which was then made into a homeopathic.

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