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Moldavite Proving

In June 202o I conducted a proving on moldavite with 4 provers.

In a homeopathic proving, also called proving trial or pathogenetic trial, a homeopathically prepared substance is administered to healthy volunteers in order to produce the symptoms specific to that substance and thereby reveal its inherent curative powers.

Moldavite is a natural glass that is thought to have formed in the heat of an asteroid impact. This event occurring 15 million years ago. Moldavite is usually a yellowish green or greenish brown in colour. Made up of a silica and oxygen.

Moldavite is found in Czech Republic, Austria and Germany, which is where the asteroid has thought to have broken into pieces and created creators. However, over millions of years since the impact formed moldavite has eroded away or been buried. As a result, moldavite is only found today in small areas of the original strewn field. Since the 1800’s fake moldavite has been flooding the market due to it popularity.

Its am Amorphous crystal system, when we look at Peter Tumminello work on the psyche and structure of crystal and see the theme “I change.” There is change and transformation, disconnected, floating, trauma, depression and abuse. A surreal feeling and taking drugs. Barriers and boundaries.

Key features

Inner child expression brings out your inner child

Confidence in self



Clarity and Connection

Truth and Honesty

Deep sorrow and loss

Heart Chakra and heart centre

Intuition and third eye

Connection to lungs and asthma

Dryness of throat and dry cough, asthma

Deeper connection with self

Calmness and inner peace

Clarity verse questioning

Connection with all things nature, self, motherhood, beauty

Heart palpations and tightness in chest.

Association with the ocean and water – riding the wave, images of lakes and water.

Dream about waves or love for the ocean.

Sleep and waking at 2-3am from deep sleep wide away was common theme.

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