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Lets talk parasites

Parasites are organisms that live on or in a host organism, such as a threadworm or pinworm. 

There are three main parasites:

Protozoa - infectious to humans and can multiple in humans. These live in the intestine and usually get there through food and water. They also live in blood and tissue; these types get there from mossies. 

Helminths - These are visible to the naked eye; they are free-living or parasite in nature. Worms such as roundworm and tapeworm. 

Ectoparasites - blood sucking parasites such as tics, fleas etc. 

The parasites I want to have a conversation about is the intestinal parasite playing havoc on your health long term if not accessed. 

The easiest way to confirm if you have a parasite is through a stool test. Available at your doctor. 


These can differ depending on what the parasite is. 

Worms : 

Irritability especially at night seen often in children. 

Itchy bottom is a common one.

Seeing things move in your stool ( if you are the kind of person who doesn't look now is your chance to start changing that ) 

Weight loss


Abdominal pain 

Lack of appetite 

Protozoa parasite 

Abdominal pain is a big one. 

Weight gain and unable to lose weight 

Lack of appetite 


Digestive issues (ISB symptoms )

How to support the removal of parasites 

How to support the removal comes down to what kinds of parasite you have. Whats kinds of gut health you have and issues with the digestive system, as not all mentions are appropriate. 

For a child - Homeopathic would be best as they are the most gentle on the stomach, especially in very young children. 

For an adult with a well functioning digestive systems, not on medication or missing part of the bowel, a combination of homeopathy and herbs or oregano oil would be most effective. 

It essential that after a digestive clearing, the digestive system is healed and sealed again. 

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