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How does Distant Reiki work?

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

I love conducting distant reiki seasons, and so much magic happens when doing one. In Reiki level 2 course, the Master of Reiki attunes the student with the symbol that allows the connection to others. When using this symbol and channelling the person higher self that you wish to heal, it creates an energy bond. The Reiki healer is then able to perform the healing as if the person was right next to them. The healing, however, is much more energetic than a person to person connection. I believe this is because the reiki healers spirit is doing healing without the barrier of the physical body. When I am conducting Reiki healing, Oftentimes, the person receiving the healing will feel like my hands are on their head or legs just like if you were to receive a Reiki healing in person. Because the physical barrier is not there, my intuitive ability is a lot stronger, so I can receive more information to share with you. Such a the connection with your spirit animal or guide that may be protecting and supporting you. For each person, its different and I only receive what is needed for you at the time or that your higher self wishes to receive.

What benefit does reiki have ?

Relaxes and reduces stress

Balances the energy within the body

Relieves pain and discomfort

promote personal awareness

Reduces Anxiety

Strengthen the immune system

Release blocks and suppressed feelings

Aids in better sleep

What do I need to do?

You book a session online, email or phone. Find a time that is relaxing for 30 mins where you can sit or lay down. Put on noise channelling headphone with meditative music or listen to meditative music if this helps you feel relaxed. Can be done while you sleep great for kids You will get a text message 10 min before the start time so you can prepare. What I need? A picture of you - any photo, a quick selfie. Send to my phone number or email it to me before the session. This helps me connect with you. What happens next? I then conduct the healing from the time we have organised for 30 mins and after will text or voice message you and see how you went. I will also give you a breakdown on what I received. If you would prefer to speak on the phone, this can also be doneone this can also be done.

Distant Reiki option are currently available from 7.30pm till 9pm can't book these online but can be booked over phone and email. Phone : 0412190114

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