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Getting baby body ready

I was lucky with my first child in a way as I was already fit and healthy, had recently done a heavy metal detox and was essential baby body ready, even with him being a complete surprise. Still, we are not always that lucky sometimes baby comes when baby wants to come.

However, if you do have the opportunity to prepare the body for a baby than not only will it support you long term but baby as well.

Detox the body

Heavy metals and pesticide that are found within our body, can be passed on to the baby through the umbilical cord, multiple studies have come out to show the umbilical cord contains heavy metals and other pesticides from the environment and mother. Which is why detoxing the body is the first thing one must do to be baby body ready. Not only will it support your own health, but it prevents any heavy metal being passed on.

This should be done 3-6 month before trying for a baby. How much the body needs to detox depends on how many toxins are present. A hair mineral analysis gives some indication, or an Oligoscan provide a more direct current evidence of what is in the body(can be tested in the clinic).

What you eat is important.

Avoid packaged food with lots of numbers and additives.

Avoid processed meats and processed food.

Eat everything fresh

Buy organic where you can to reduce pesticides.

But meats that are hormone-free and antibiotic-free

Increase your good fats such as avocado

Reduce alcohol intake and stop once pregnant

Increase greens veggies or have green smoothies

Reduce caffeine

Also crucial for the man for healthy sperm.

Vitamins and minerals

Start a good quality pregnancy multivitamin a few weeks before you start trying.

Have a blood test done to check iron stores and B12 if low consult professional around starting a good quality iron or Methylated B12.

Folate should be in your pregnancy multi make sure it is activated or methylated as most of use have the methylation issue gene. To confirm this, you may consider a DNA test to check your genes (available at the clinic).

Don't forget the man, he to such be looking at Zinc for good sperm. A combination multi for prenatal Men is recommended.

Bring down your stress.

Regular Meditation

Craniosacral therapy or Reiki treatments



Grounding work (walking in nature or barefoot on the earth)

Take time out for you

Deep breathwork

If your workplace is stressful consider reducing hours, working from home or changing your environment all together.


Yoga and pilates are essential exercises to strengthen the core. With strong core muscles, you prevent such this as incontinence and prolapse. Also crucial after the baby is born.

Pelvic floor exercise is also essential after the baby is born.

You can continue these in pregnancy, just modified.

Being a healthy weight

Before getting pregnancy is also essential to be at a healthy weight, this prevents such things as diabetes during pregnancy.

It will also support fertility.

It reduces the risk of miscarriage and birth defects.

You reduce the risk of complication during birth.

Reduces the risk of Hypertension (high blood pressure) during pregnancy

Regulate your menstrual cycle

If you currently are not sitting at a regular 26-31 day cycle or have lots of pain, heavy bleeding and clots. It's important to support the body in regulating and making the babies home healthy.

Homeopathy is impressive at regulating periods, removing pain and clots, from clinical experience I find regulation occurs with 2-4 months for most people.

I have also included studies below that show great success with the use of homeopathy for the menstrual cycle and period pain.


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