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Coughs and Homeopathy

A cough is making the rounds and it seems to linger around for some time.

The cough start with a husky voice, small amount of mucus, congestion and is dry in nature. Of course we have to remember everyone present slightly different to the next person.

I wanted to share some homeopathic cough pictures to help you choose the right remedy when dealing with coughs.

Remember in homeopathy we match the symptom pictures as a whole including any emotional state with the remedy state to get the right remedy. This cough my shift and the remedy may need to be changed throughout your current state of health.

Aconite : Beginning stages dry cough that comes on suddenly, worse for cold wind, croup at it beginning stages. Slight raw throat and a clear runny nose. Must be taken at the very beginning stages of something coming on and repeated often every 15 min for a few doses.

Ant Tart: Noisy, rattling, wheezy cough, with copious mucus that want comes up and feel stuck so coughing becomes spasmodic and consent to the point of vomiting almost. It can be quite debilitating and cause sweating.

Byronia: It develop slowly and is dry and hard. The person might hold their chest while coughing. coughing can be painful and a sore dry throat may occur due to the coughing.

General dryness in the mouth may be present. A soreness in the sternum. Movement, breathing deeply, talking, changes in temp make it worse. May cause a headache or you have a headache. You may desire to drink lots of water.

Drosea: Dry, barking cough, tickling and irritating with spasmodic attacks. wheezing. Hold chest when coughing. Worse at night when laying down. I also find that sometime it can have some mucus along side it but mostly a dry cough.

Heph Sulph: husky voice, sore throat can feel like splinters, mucus, loose, noisy barking cough. Yellow-green mucus. worse for cold and better for warm. Feel chilly. Third stage of croup after aconite and spongia. Hoarseness and noisy, rattly cough.

Phosphorus: loose or a tight ticklish dry cough. I often find this remedy work well for those with a constitution that matches this remedy. Can try this remedy of Byronia doesn't work and the symptom match. Burning in the chest and might be difficultly breathing.

For the child or person who is empathic or sensitive to their surrounding often present with a cough like this. Very thirsty for cold drinks.

Pulsatilla: loose cough with yellow or green phlegm. Worse in the morning when they wake up and dry at night. A child will be extra clingy and want company. An adult may not want to be alone. Come with runny nose either clear or yellow/green.

Spongia : Dry, Rasping, Barking cough like a seal. Wheezing constriction and suffocative feeling. worse for cold drinks and around midnight. Better for bending forward.

There are many other remedies in homeopathy and support coughs. If you are unsure what to use and want support with you cough acute appointment are available with Sarah.

Homeopathy is a traditional medicine. It may be used in conduction with other medicines. For any ongoing chronic condition, it is important to be assessed or examined by your healthcare professional or specialist. Always seek medical advice in emergencies. The information displayed in this post is to be used as information only, always seek professional advice before starting any medication.

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