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Reconnect with yourself in 2020

There are many times within our lives that we can feel disconnected with ourself, you may recognise it, or you may just not be feeling yourself. Emotions tend to run high, feeling the ups and downs of life and lack of motivation to be part of it all. If this continues it starts to affect the physical system, making you feel worse. We don’t always discount with ourselves because of negative circumstances sometimes building a business and being in our brain and logical mind will discount us to our heart space. Finding our way back can sometimes be very difficult without support. I was recently in this space and was reminded of how self-care with the right therapy can bring you that connection back. It also showed me why chose to bring craniosacral therapy into my practice as an addition to homeopathy. Like homeopathy, it is hard to describe how one feels after having a session and every person will have a slightly different experience, but I want to share my own recent experience, my patients have described similar experiences. During the session, I saw myself from the outside looking in realising I was just living the motions of life and not truly connected to self anymore it was almost instant that I felt myself coming back. Feeling once again connected with self and the universe around me. We went deep that session working on old patterning within the adrenal glands and old injuries both emotional and physical. At the end of the session, I felt the body realigned, soft as if I had a massage only better. That night I slept so deeply like my body was recharged and continuing to heal while I slept, waking with energy and a new lease on life.

Now you might be thinking what is CranioSacral therapy?

CranioSacral Therapy uses a light touch and works with the bodies inner physician to help release tension and realign the body. It releases emotions tapped within the tension and working on replenishing organs that are not functioning at their best, it does this all by using your bodies inner healing mechanism. The therapist holds the space for the healing to occur as the body shows the therapist where the treatment is needed.

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