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DNA Testing What is it?

Updated: Jan 9, 2020

I have introduced a new form of testing into the clinic, which enhances and supports the oligoscan (heavy metals and mineral testing ) I currently offer. It takes a deeper look into your physical makeup and the genes.

This is NOT the type of DNA test that shows you if you have the gene for RA or breast cancer.

It tests the function of your body.

How well does the liver detox out heavy metals, drugs, caffeine?

Do you have a gene that increases your Oestrogen should you avoid food high in Oestrogen?

What foods should you decrease or stop eating and what food should you add more of to your diet?

Do you have MTFHR gene? This gene is involved in methylation of b vitamins and folate. If you have the genes for it then you will be unable to absorb b12 and folate from a supplement and will have to take it as a methylated form. It will also tell you that you are unable to detox out certain chemical and heavy metal from the system easily, without the right supportive nutrients and antioxidants.

What vitamin are well absorbed and what vitamin or mineral you have trouble absorbing or any only absorb naturally through the natural source and not supplements.

Should you be eating a low-fat diet? should you be eating a diet low in meat?

Is there a genetic reason why you can't lose weight?

Are you prone to thyroid issues or depression and anxiety?

How can you support the body to function at it best? What does your body specifically need nutrition wise to function at it best?

Test cost for the DNA wellness test $299 ( this is subject to change at any time depending on when you are reading this blog, this is the cost for test only charged at the time of swab)

To get tested simple make a free appointment (15 mins) and have your mouth swabbed for DNA and then pop in 3 weeks later for a full health assessment, Initial consult and results this will be charged as a consult fee.

You can book the appointment for the swab online or by calling Sarah on 0412190114

Feel free to ask me any questions if you want more information

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