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Body cleanse Shopping List

Hello and welcome to the 3-4 day body cleanse shopping list. These are the ingredients you will need for the body cleanse.

The purpose of this body cleanse is to boost the metabolism, kick start the year into a healthier you as you follow on from this eating better and potentially changing your lifestyle for better health and wellbeing.

Who can benefit from the body cleanse.

1. You eat well most of the time but want to boost the immune system and metabolism into action, clean out the old and start fresh.

2. You have been wanting to start eating and living a healthier life and this is the best way to kick start that into action. ( I recommend you have a plan in place on how to eat healthier for your lifestyle and body once you finish the cleanse so you can get straight into it, I can do this through consultation).

What is is all about

You choose 3-4 days during the week or the weekend.

Limited food

Higher plant based protein and vitamins

All good based

dairy free, vegan, gluten free, wheat free and everything else

No coffee, soft drinks, alcohol.

Only water or water with lemon.

Smoothies, juices and salad.

Lots of nut and seeds

Shopping list (best found at bulk health food shops so you can just buy what you need)

Organic Almond milk (can also make your own recipe on blog )

Sunflower seeds

Naturally dried fruit eg pineapple, mango


Cashew nuts

Vanilla pea protein

Barley grass

Silica ( liquid)


dired blueberries




Agave nectar or Maple syrup

Peanut Butter (unless allergy use Tahini)


Coconut Yogurt

Hemp seeds



Ice cubes

Organic Turmeric powder

Celery, apple, carrot, beetroot

Ginger fresh

Lucuma powder

The insight timer or similar meditation app.

Buy organic where you can

Look at the next blog to see the breakdown of the menu for the 3-4 days

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