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Body Cleanse Menu

Updated: Jan 9, 2020

The body cleanse Menu and the full breakdown plan.

I will be putting up some of my own smoothie recipes in the coming day or two but have added links to recipes for some of the things on the menu thanks to some amazing chefs and nutritionist for providing them. Check out my facebook page or instagram for inspiration on salad.

Day 1: starting slow on reducing food intake

Morning : Super bowl with yogurt and nuts (live on facebook )

Day 2:

Morning : Fresh Juice : apple one, carrot 2, celery 2, beetroot 1, ginger small square, shot of silica, teaspoon on barley grass. ( If you do not have a juicer then make smoothie as above).

Snack around 10am : dried fruit and some nuts if needed or half an avocado.

Lunch: Salad with hummus, cucumber, capsicum, avocado, sunflower seeds and hemp seeds.

Day 3 :

Morning: Super bowl same as above

Lunch: Salad with tahini dressing (tahini, olive oil, vinegar, salt, pepper and lime), 2 eggs, cucumber, capsicum shallots, sunflower seed and avo.

Dinner : protein smoothie choose one from above.

At this point in the journey if you have made it here congratulations you now have a better appreciation for food and more gratitude for the food that is available to us.

Day 4: starting to introduce more food again

Morning : muesli with yogurt

Lunch : Salad with egg (recipe to come)

Dinner: Light meal

Snack: Reduce to minimum but if needed dried fruit, fruit or nuts, half an avo.

Lots of water 2 L and add some lemon to boost liver enzymes.

Can also have a turmeric latte.

Every morning conduct a morning meditation to start your day 5-15 mins at least using the insight timer app or similar.

If you can do it in the morning due to children than before bed at night.

Keep exercise to walking or something gentle as the body does not have a lot of fuel.

you may find yourself hungry often it how the metabolism is boosted if you hungry have a few nuts or some fruit nothing to big or extensive. You may also find yourself in a slight detox maybe a headache, slight sore throat this will pass.

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