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Homeopathy and ADHD

When it comes to emotional imbalances like ADHD it is important to remember that homeopathy works on an individual level. This means that 5 people with the same diagnose of ADHD will not present the same way and as such will be given completely different remedies most of the time.

I have been working with children with excessive behavioural problem for many years and have seen some amazing transformations in a very short period of time. I don't believe so much in labels as I feel it is not an illness or condition but rather a personality which is imbalanced. Most often its is a coping mechanism for some trauma that has occurred. When I say trauma this could be a range of things not necessarily massive, but big enough for the individual to feel unable to cope with the emotions.

Lets remember always that we all cope difficultly and preserve life difficultly. What is big for one person is not a big deal for another.

Things such as a loss of a parent, divorce, a new baby, being shamed, being over controlled, abuse, being bullied and/or neglected are just some of the many triggers that can cause a child to go into a coping mechanism which we then may label as ADHD or behavioural problems.

We also have to remember we are all placed into a system and made to do the same things, the same way at school, which is when most of this behaviour begins, our individualisation is taken away, which can make some children feel trapped and go into this coping mechanism

What homeopathy does is balance the imbalances emotions, fears and coping mechanism that the child goes into. They are able to cope better and have a balanced emotional reaction to life.

I have included some studies below which show the positive effect of using homeopathy for ADHD.

A case

A case of a young boy aged 7, came to me with dad and would hid under the chair and tables. He was very rude towards me and others in his family. His mother had disappeared and was no longer in his life. He was becoming antisocial and destructive.

A remedy was given for 7 days once a day

2 weeks later

completely change, was happy, talking too family again, no longer was rude or hiding himself away.

Further dosing was given at a later stage as this is sometimes needed on and off for 6month- 1 years . Also depend on how long these emotions have been around and what else comes up in the child life.

This case was a very quick to act, others have taken a little longer with more frequent dosing over a few months period. This is because once again we are all different. Then a maintenance dose is required at some point.

Food and ADHD

We of course cannot excuse the fact that diet plays a big role in behavioural problems as well.

A diet high in sugar, flavouring and colour for example can bring on all kinds of mood changes and be a contributing factor in ADHD.

Some children being more sensitive then others. So diet is something I look at as a possible cause or contributing factor for behavioural problems.

Gut inflammation and food sensitive/ intolerance have been shown to be a factor.

A diet low in protein, omegas, vitamins and mineral all contribute to behaviour issues.

So it is always important to look at food and diet along side any other treatment.

Research study links

A comparative consecutive case series of 20 children with a diagnosis of ADHD receiving homeopathic treatment, compared with 10 children receiving usual care.
Randomised controlled trials of homeopathy in hyperactive children: treatment procedure leads to an unconventional study design. Experience with open-label homeopathic treatment preceding the Swiss ADHD placebo controlled, randomised, double-blind, cross-over trial.
Artificial Food Colors and Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Symptoms: Conclusions to Dye for
Homoeopathic management of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder: A randomised placebo-controlled pilot trial

Homeopathy is a traditional medicine. It may be used in conduction with other medicines. For any ongoing chronic condition, it is important to be assessed or examined by your healthcare professional or specialist. Always seek medical advice in emergencies. The information displayed in this post is to be used as information only, always seek professional advice before starting any medication.

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