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Looking at Eczema in a new light

Skin conditions such as eczema (Atopic Dermatitis) is usually developed in early childhood and may come and go throughout adult life, most common in those with a family history of the skin condition.

The main symptom is a rash that covers certain parts of the body sometimes in small patches and other times in the large area. It can be dry, red, scaly, and watery, maybe oozing pus or bleeding. It is normally itchy but may also not be. Sometimes its feel uncomfortable or it burns. Everyone experience eczema a little bit differently.

What causes eczema to flare up

  • Dairy and gluten are common irritants

  • Certain soaps and other body washes

  • Stress

  • High Histamine in the body

  • Leaky Gut

All these will irritate when one already has eczema flaring up. But how do you get a flare up in the first place?

Steroid creams may work to remove the symptom of the rash, but simply suppress the bodies way of telling you something need to be addressed, it will eventually come back or be suppressed into an organ such as the lung causing Asthma.

I want to shed light on another aspect of eczema that is not spoken about and that is of an emotional nature. All eczema patients have an aspect of feeling this way, if the eczema is seen in a young child it is most likely the feeling of a parent closest to that child that has passed on not only the gene of Eczema but the emotions behind it. These aspects I see in all of my eczema cases are:

"Feeling unaccepted, needing to hide or suppress. Feeling aggravated by your experience with others. Erupting in anger when you don’t get your way. Holding your breath. Experiencing a sense of stagnation. Suppressing your anger."

So it is important to heal the gut, to remove the irritants but unless you address the underlining cause, which are the suppressed emotions presenting themselves on the skin you will never completely heal.

Constitutional homoeopathy has an amazing way of self-healing on both an emotional and physical level. A similima (the perfect matched remedy) must be found in an Eczema case for complete healing to occur.

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