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Difficult Emotions in Children

Updated: Jan 9, 2020

I am finding more and more children with high anxieties and difficulty in dealing with their emotions, this occurs among all age group. I don't think it can be pin pointed to just one possible cause but a number area within society that stop us from connecting with our inner knowing. Children are born with inner knowing and intuition but as a society we suppress this.

I think a big part of this is the high amount of pressure that is place on children at such a young age within the school system, playing has been removed to sitting still and using their mind a lot earlier, the more we use our mind the more we become discounted to the heart and our emotions.

When we connect with our emotions on a heart balanced level we are better balanced and able to process outside influences without overthinking with our mind, we use our inbuilt intuition and what we now is true rather then using our head, which is negative contains a negative thought process that over thinks and creates more negative emotions.

Technology also plays a part in removing children from creative play, which is heart based to a mind based activity of playing a video game. Even worse when the video game has violence attached to it.

Our children have vast options and receive a lot more without always being grateful for what they have, how lucky they are to be so privileged. They grow up with a material based mind frame so when something doesn't come easy it causes depression and anxiety.

There are more toxins in our food and environment that not all human can process the same way, some have sensitives and difficulties removing toxins so we see an extreme change in behaviour, The toxins can build up in the brain and cause learning difficulties, ADD, ADHD and Autism.

Of course what is happening at school and within the family home one social level can have a major impact on emotions as children are unable to process as adults do.

What can you do at home

Reduce to the technology and let your kids find things to do, the more you reduce the technology the more your children will just more toward creative play. You don't need to entertain them they will play on the own using there imagination.

Mediation especially for older children and teenagers is a great tool in centring yourself and coming back to balance.

Being grateful for what you have can be done from age 5 onwards. I do this with my own son as part of a mediation before bed, try to get them to attach the emotion to what they are saying they are grateful for. So for young one you may say what are you grateful for and then ask how they felt about what they are grateful for. Do it with them.

Homeopathy can rebalance the system as it focuses on all aspect physically, emotionally and spiritually by giving the body a needed push into the direction it requires for healing.

The best way I can describe how homeopathy works on a emotional sphere is by giving a few former case examples. No names have been used and no detail to indicate who they are for privacy reasons.

Remedies are individualised to that person physical and emotional state at the time of the consult and as such no person will have the same remedy. There are over 7000 remedies in homeopathy art the moment.

Case 1

Teenager was struggling with anger and suppression of these emotions, moved away from a place he felt comfortable to a new environment and lost a loved one that was very close to them. There was many changes that reacted anger and frustration to be the main emotional factor.

Emerald was give as a constitutional

After the last Follow up

The anger was realised and some understand and emotional suability was regained. They here able to better communicate the emotions over suppressing them.

Case 2

Young child with a traumatic history and many issues always moving to the lungs when sick. Fears people and reacts to this by being disrespectful, just says how he feel with no regard to others feelings. Really shy around people he does not know and struggles making friends. has a Phobia about people looking at him, hates dogs, love to hid in the dark.

Was given homeopathic Tarent for a few days and then again for a few days a few weeks later

Follow up

massive change, confident was raised, he was happy and he got less illness in his lungs.

If you want more information please email me directly or call the clinic to book an appointment on 07 3482 2549

Homeopathy is a traditional medicine. It may be used in conduction with other medicines. For any ongoing chronic condition, it is important to be assessed or examined by your healthcare professional or specialist. Always seek medical advice in emergencies.

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