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Keeping connected with head and heart during stress.

Its very easy to become stressed during this time of year, when we are so much in our heads thinking of all the thing that need to get done before Christmas. This stress and over thinking can create a disconnect with our heart and mind. When this disconnection occurs it make us more prone to have over the top emotions and the little things become very overwhelming. So to stop this from happening and still have the balance and peacefulness within even when there is a lot going on, we need to keep the heart and mind balanced.

Mediation - on a daily bases even for 10 to 15 mins in the morning or before bed. For some of you during the day may work better.

What I learnt at Tony Robbins 2 weeks ago is a great way to begin the day and he calls it Priming. For 10 mins in the morning before you start the day link is here for anyone that want to try it. Also the insight timer app will have lots of morning or evening meditation. Get out of your head and move into your heart- In order to be connected with yourself and be aware of the emotions or even just have that sense of peace within in the more stressful times in life, the heart and head must work as one. If we only use our head and think practical without the emotion then we loose the connection with others and life, the emotions start to take over and everything overwhelms us. The same goes if we are to over emotional and don't become aware of the emotions. To keep this connection and balance means balancing the masculine (head/practical ) and feminine (heart/emotional) within us all. The hard part is balancing it.

Being grateful for all we have and how far we have come is a quick as easy way to come back to the emotions and heart centre.

Reiki treatment - Reiki is a form of energy healing that rebalances our energies, open up our charkas and bring a sense of peace within and a boost of energy. During a reiki session you may get visions that your higher self want to you know and I to can get vision within our session that I later relay to you.

Homeopathy- both acutely and constitutional can help during times of stress. Acute remedies Nux vomica stress that causes headaches and constipation, where over stimulation has been used with coffee or sugars. Gelsenium for the anticipation anxiety Kali Phos - nerves tonic from being overworked or worried. may present with headache and mental fatigue. Ruta- eye strain and pain wrist when over working on the computer. take twice daily in a 30c. Self awareness : The most important part is

to be aware when that disconnection occurs and to bring yourself back into alignment using the method above and even just the awareness can help to do this also.

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