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The dreaded flu is taking over

If you watch the news, go on social media or read the papers in the resent weeks, it seems the flu has hit us hard this year and I have many theory on why this might be but I want dwell in the reasoning on this blog, instead I will provide some handy tips on recovery.

First of all the flu complaints are very different from the common cold both can be caused by a virus but the flu or influenza is a particular type of virus's with many different strains, that mutate from person to person slightly each time someone is infected. Influenza hit's you a lot harder and will normally cause you to become bed ridden for at least 1-2 days with fever and aches and pains.


Fever and chills

Aches and pain in the muscles

Weakness and lethargy

headaches (not always )

Runny nose and cough may follow.

If you already have a weakened immunity then secondary complication may occur.

I find a multiple therapy approach is best and this approach will depend on the person and what works best for them and their immune system.

Get plenty of rest and recovery

Miso soups ( good bacteria and prebiotics* )

Kombuscha or kefir (prebiotic*)

Hand washing

Essential oils such as peppermint oil and eucalyptus oil in diffusers

Vitamin C 1-2g per day



Homeopathic that may be useful

Gelsemium -Aches pains, droopy, drowsy and feeling heavy. bursting type pains, slow onset, shivering, headache, worse for heat and better for open air.

Anas Barb- A preventive but also used while you have the flu. This can be used in conjunction with other remedies.

Aconite- early stages, sudden onset, burning internally, after exposure to cold, restless, intense thirst, fever, earaches. Repeat dose often.

Belladonna- High fever, stabbing pain, rapid, face hot and flushed, throbbing and burning.

Hepar sulph - extreme chilliness, sore throat feel like splinters, hoarseness, loss of voice, cough barking and rough, may be irritable and angry, ear pain throbbing. worse for cold better for warmth.

Frequent dosing is important in acute conditions and as the complaints process through the natural cycle remedies may change. If you are unsure of the best preparation to use consult your homeopath.

*prebiotics help your body creates it own probiotic culture, a good digestive system means good immunity.

Homeopathy is a traditional medicine. It may be used in conduction with other medicines. For any ongoing chronic condition, it is important to be assessed or examined by your healthcare professional or specialist. Always seek medical advice in emergencies.

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