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Gluten - Not all Gluten is made the same.

Updated: Jan 9, 2020

Gluten is a component of wheat and there seems to be a increasing number of people who are

gluten intolerance or staying clear of gluten. However not all gluten is made the same, you may react more to one then the other.

Gluten intolerence:



digestive pains

weight gain or trouble losing weight

tiredness and lack of energy

Sometimes its as simple and reducing and changing the type of gluten you are consuming that makes all the difference, sometimes its removing gluten completely.

Gluten intolerance is an IgG reaction, which causes the body to become inflamed and the gluten moves out of the gut and into the blood steam causing the symptoms to occur. Gut healing is required to repair the damage.

Wheat over the years has been massively processed and as such the type of flour being used is more proceed and moves more easily out of the digestive system and into the blood system causing the inflammation and the gluten intolerance. As such changing the type of Wheat you are eating to a better quality such as spelt you may find you have no more symptoms.

Gluten free options




Better quality wheat include

Spelt and rye

Sourdough being fermented helps better digestions but stay away from white sourdough.

Completely remove from diet


White flour

gained which is just white bread with grains in it.

not only is the gluten and wheat damaging to the digestion but these flour tend to be high in sugar.

Be careful with Gluten free products as they also tend to have corn or sugar added.

Remember once you have the basic tools of knowledge us your intuition to determine what is right for you.

To get a better understanding join the healthy eating workshop on August 20th 2017 at 10am in north lakes.

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