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Being Self aware about Food

Updated: Jan 9, 2020

Having self awareness on an emotional and spiritual level helps you overcome overwelming emotions at certain time in your life, self awareness does not just happen, some people are born with it and other need guidance to move away from the box we place ourselves in and become self aware.

Self awareness in food is a similar concept, if we are aware of how different types of food make us feel both emotionally and physically, and we become aware about how it making use feel we can make better choices on the food we eat and what we place into our body.

This ring most true in toddlers and young children, as a good foundation at a young age sets them up to make better choice as adults. But don't worry if your children are older awareness about food can be taught at any age.

How can I teach my child or self about self awareness and to make better choices?

You can do this at any age from the moment the child start to understand you, I started at age 2 as this was the first time my son ate something sweet.

The older you can delay giving your child something sweet or fatty in the form of a lolly, sugar, fatty foods or chocolate the easier the self awareness can be taught.

The first time they have something that is consider a not so good food choice and they complain about a tummy ache or they start acting out point out the last thing they ate, gentle show them that this type of food created this reaction in you.

The more this is done and the more you explain why they are not able to eat certain food due to there preservative content, colouring or high sugar the more they will become self aware as they grow older.

my 5 year old doesn't even need to be told he know what he should and shouldn't be eating and if it is something new and he is unsure, he may ask or he will try it and make the realisation that the food made him feel not so good inside.

As we grow older some of us live off not so great choices everyday, so in order to become self aware, the whole diet may need an

overhaul before you are able to recognise how different foods make you feel.

For further assistance in overhauling your diet join the healthy eating workshop in august or come and have an initial consult to discuss the best changes for you.

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