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Salmon Dill Quiche

Whipped this one up last night and it was really yummy with a fresh salad.

Will serve up to 5-6 people can always half the recipe or use left over for lunch.

Cost around $ 4.70 per person


2 x sheets of puff pastry ( gluten free ones are available )

2 x fillets of Fresh Salmon

1 Red Capsicum finely chopped

1x leek finely chopped

9 free ranged eggs

1/4 Bonsoy organic soy milk or unsweetened Almond milk



Dill finely chopped

salt and pepper


Half a punnet of cherry toms

1-2 cucumbers depending on which ones you use

Half to one avo

1 table spoon olive oil

1 tsp of fresh lemon juice



Step 1 : Bake the fish, place each fish on a alumium foil sheet, sprinkle on some chopped dill, salt and pepper, dab of butter and some lemon juice. Close over the foil so the fish is sealed and bake in oven at 180 fan force for 20 - 30 mins.

Step 2: While the fish is baking spray the quiche tray your using with coconut oil spray and place the puff pastry evenly, chopping away excess. Take a fork and stab the pastry a few times.

Then place it in the oven for about 5-10 mins. Should look slightly cooked and puffed.

Step 3: Place eggs in the bowel with the milk and whisk well, add some dill, salt and pepper.

stir through till well combined.

Step 4: Chop up your leek and capsicums lightly in a pan cook only for a few mins.

Step 5: Take the Fish out of the oven it should be cooked through and then take it of the skin and divide it into small flakes to place into the egg mix.

Step 6- Place the cooked Leek and Capsicum on the pastry evenly then add the egg mixture with the fish on top, give it a light stir and place into oven until egg is cook through around 30mins -40mins at 180 fan force.


Chop up all ingredients and combine all together.

Then plate up and enjoy

Saving your excess Dill for future use : place the extra filled finely chopped into a container and place in freezer this mean the dill can be used all year long.

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