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Recipe Creamy Dairy Free Ravioli (easy)

It the beginning of something I have been wanting to do for a while and that is add recipes to the blog, healthy, family easy and certain allergen free recipes. That I myself eat and create.

Serves 2


Half a jar (110g) 0f Soul Satisfaction cashew cheese herbs or any cashew cheese you can find that has come added flavour like chilli or herbs.

1 packet Pumpkin and leak Ravioli is what I have used

Organic mushrooms about 150-200g sliced

1 tablespoon veggie stock

1/2 cup of water ( if it become to thick add more water).

salt and pepper


1. Cook the ravioli in salt water follow package Instructions on how to cook.

2. Add half a jar of the cashew cheese, water and stock to a sauce pan and heat till well combined and saucey.

3. cook mushroom with some butter in a separate pan ( to keep dairy free use nutlex olive oil butter or coconut butter)., add salt and pepper.

4. Combine all ingredients together in a bowel and service, add a little extra pepper if you like.

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