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A look at Fertility

Updated: Jan 9, 2020

It seems more and more men and women are having difficulties falling pregnant and the number continues to increase. With 30% of those problem relating to the male having sub standard sperm and the rest relating to the womens egg quality or menstrual cycle.

So why do we have such an increase in the amount of people not being able to fall pregnant or having major issues falling pregnant. In most cases the couple is quite healthy they don't smoke, drink to much and have a fairly good diets.

There are quite a number of possibilities not all related to everyone, some of these common concerns and things to address in both partners right aways are mineral and vitamin deficiencies, stop smoking, reduce drinking, reduce caffeine, completely stop energy drinks, reduce sugar and bad fat in diet.

Address any conditions such as PCOS, irregular periods, fibroids, poor sperm health through constitutional homeopathic managements and Nutritional's.

Heavy metal toxicity

I believe this is one of the major issues involved in infertility as over bodies have become overloaded with heavy metal and naturally we are able to detox them out of our system as we are bombarded with them on a daily bases. The body just cannot keep up with the detox progress and as such the heavy metal get stored in fat tissue and other organs.

Even if you are able to fall pregnant a heavy metal detox before trying ensures you do not pass these onto your child through the umbilical cord.

Common heavy metal that I find in most people are Lead, Aluminium and Mercury.

These heavy metals are found in the water we drink, in our food from pesticide sprayed fruit and vegetables, some pharmaceutical medication, beauty product and deodorants, fillings in our teeth ( recent fillings will not contain mercury) and pots and pans.

Studies dating back to 1998 and recent show that an increase in heavy metal in either a male or females cause a reduction in fertility and messes with the hormones involved increases your chances for thing like breast cancer, PCOS, irregular period and Fibroids.

Lead for example was found to have a massive impact on sperm it quality and quantity in a study conducted in 2011.

When it comes to detoxification its not as simple and taking a fasting/ juice diet or having healthy diet for a few weeks. Heavy metal are removed from the body through the bile which is made by the gallbladder, however bile is reabsorbed once it enters the digestive system as it like GOLD to the body and not easily remade. If your digestion is at sub pair level or you no longer have a gallbladder them you want be able to detox heavy metal out and even if it is good the body has so much toxicity it doesn't know how to remove it.

First step is to heal the digestive system if required I do this though diet, nutritional, probiotics and bowel nosodes.

Next step is a 2-3 month heavy metal detox removal depending on the result of the oligoscan (scans heavy metal in the body), this is done through a zeolite technological from Germany that actually attach themselves to the heavy metal and remove them out of the digestion into the stool and homeopathic detoxing remedies.

As we are all different and my belief is to give a wholesome and holistic approach to everyone's health as such there are slight variations for each and everyone person that walk through my doors.

Minerals and Vitamins

Important minerals to keep in mind


Zinc is one of the most important for sperm health and testosterone health


Iron, B12 and Folic acid are important just remember that most of use have a genetic defect and as such required activated formate of B12 and folic acid.

Its such a big subject and this is just a small part of fertility we can forget cannot forget our minds and emotion play a massive role on fertility. Stress and even the stress of not falling pregnant, the anxiety and fear surrounding that has a massive impact on fertility. Mediation is a great tool to help with the impact and working both homoeopathically and with Reiki can assist.

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