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Food Sensitive/Intolerances

Updated: Jan 9, 2020

I have spoken on this topic many times before, however its is such a common occurrence in both adult and children that it need to be mentioned again.

A food Sensitivity occurs when there is a disruption in the gut lining due to a large number of possibilities these include:

1. Genetic food intolerance

2. Antibiotic use

3. Other medications the disrupt the digestion

4. long term stress

5. Bad eating habits or diet

Once the lining has been disputed certain food elements move out into the blood stream and the body attacks these as foreign substances, making antibodies called IgG. In turn causing inflammation within the body. If this is ignored and goes on for a longer period of time multiple food groups becomes sensitivities. Long term studies link inflammation caused by continued ignorance of the sensitives to Autoimmune disease.

The symptoms do not come up straight away and normally take weeks to sometimes years. These symptoms includes repeated congestion, eczema, other skin conditions, digestive problems (diarrhoea or constipation), behavioural problems in children, headaches and fatigue.

What can you do?

The first step is to have a full health assessment and food intolerance testing done. Nothing is 100% accurate however gives you a very clear indication as to what foods are causing the inflammation.

Eliminate the foods from the diet for a period of 3 month, one blood cycle and in that time heal the digestion and reduce the sensitivities through nutrition, probiotics and homeopathic medicine.

Re introduce each eliminated food item and if symptoms stay at bay the food can be re introduced into the diet.

Keep gut healthy through maintenance, if a food intolerance is genetic then stay away from that food, if you take antibiotic then heal the gut after.

Food intolerance testing cost $279 for 93 food groups and a full assessment will be conducted in the initial consultation. Please contact me for any further questions.

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