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Head lice remedy

Some kids seem to be prone to head lice and others to worms, here is a head lice remedy that not only puts head lice to sleep, so you can remove them with the comb but also combats them to stay away. Can be a little greasy so for prevention its best rubbed into the scape as close as possible for girls.

You will need

Clean Jar (jar best used in winter but summer can use a bottle)

organic Coconut oil

Pure Tea tree oil

Pure lavender oil

Pure Eucalyptus oil

The amount of drops used depends on the jar size or bottle size but for every 15 ml of coconut oil add 3 drops of each essential oil.

Rub on child head all over for treatment and remove lice with comb, for serve cases may need to use other forms of head lice treatment.

Rub on child head before going to child care or school each day.

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