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This happens commonly in boys more so then girls, It is when the bladder empties at night without permission and during sleep. Most children will start to become dry days by day during the day by age 3 and dry at night by school age around 5. Of course all children develop differently and it not uncommon for accident to occur at night until the age of 8.

Bedwetting is complex and has many factors, most associated with emotional factors.

This can include bullying at school, strict parenting, feeling unloved, feeling of abandonment, separation of parents, losing a parent or loved one. This is especially true in children who became dry and suddenly started to wet the bed.

When I mention feeling of abandonment or unloved this doesn't mean that you as a parent intentionally create theses feeling but the child sensitivities are different and they perceive what may be quite normal behaviour like working long hours and not getting enough time with you or being a child of many as a feeling of abandonment or being unloved.

On another aspect children with neurological illness may continue to wet the bed well into adulthood and this is a whole another aspect and includes much more complex.

By using constitutional homeopathy we are able to support the child both emotionally and physically to cope with the sensitivities, emotions and/or grief that they may be feeling.

Some people may also use a bed wetting alarm and this can be used in conjunction with homeopathy.

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