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Homeopathy and Giving Birth

Homeopathy can be such a great and gentle assistance in the birthing process from the moment you are ready to give birth, during birth and also for recovery. The birth does not need to be completely natural to gain benefit from homeopathy, even in C sections homeopathy can be used for recovery.

Most kits made up for the birthing process contain the higher end potency of 200c, as this is such an acute and fast moving progress. Learning how to use a homeopathic birthing it is easy but does require a birthing partner to be familiar with the kit. This can be your husband, parent, doula or Homeopath.

A session can be conducted in which, you and your birthing partner are taught about the kit in the comfort of your own home or online courses is available to you also through the website.

Here are some common prepartions and how they may help.

Caulopyllum - This remedy is used a week before the due date to prepare the body for labour and will help assist in labour pains at a potency of 30c. In the event of a false labour the remedy stimulates the onset of continuation of effective contractions.

Aconite 200c: when labour is very fast and pains are violent, there may even be a feeling of panic. Aconite may help to calm down the pains and slow down the labour to a normal rate.

Arnica 200c: This is a must have in every kit and should be used directly after birth of any kind for healing repeated every 15min for 4 does and then spread out hourly. This remedy is then continued once a day for 3 days or whenever there is discomfort.

Also useful for baby if forceps are used, given as a 30c for the bruising.

Gels 200c: when there is much anxiety about giving birth and this causes failure to proceed. pain located in the back and moves to abdomen, trembling and shivering.

bells perennis 200c: this one is great in a C section or when there is deep muscle pain and arnica is not helping. helps to heal.

staph 200c: A good one for 2nd and 3rd degree tears taken alternatively with arnica.

There are preparations for different types of pains, preparations for difficult failures to proceed, for placenta retaining, detox from drug given, for baby as devices needed to be used, trouble with breastmilk and cracked nipples.

Kist are available and made up just for you and your circumstances and come in a vegan leather case.

Birthing kit teaching in home sessions in Brisbane half day (3hrs) are available by appointment only during the week and some weekends at a cost of $230

For those outside Brisbane a one on one Skype session can be conducted.

Homeopathy is a traditional medicine. It may be used in conduction with other medicines. For any ongoing chronic condition, it is important to be assessed or examined by your healthcare professional or specialist. Always seek medical advice in emergencies.

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