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Whats is the difference between a Naturopath and Homeopath?

Updated: Jan 9, 2020

I cant even count the number of times I have been asked this question, this is not an easy one to answer either as every practitioner is so different. Many practitioner have multiple qualifications and may choose to use one title.

So instead ill break it down in what we study if we where to only study one degree.

A naturopath studies a little bit of everything and goes in-depth on area like nutrition.

When I was studying back in 2010 a naturopath would study western herbal medicine, nutrition, massage, iridology and acute homeopathy. Of course they would also study as we all do the human body its elements and Disease. What a naturopath used for treatment depend on the naturopath, so in a way we are all naturopath we just use our own specific method of treatment, which we have studied in depth.

A homeopath has studied the human body its element and disease, some nutrition and an in-depth knowledge of the healing of homeopathy. Similar to a Chinese herbalist who use Chinese herbs as treatment, homeopath use homeopathic remedies as treatment.

It becomes more confusing when a homeopath has additional qualifications such as myself. I also have qualification as a Herbalist and Nutritionist. Giving me an in-depth knowledge of these to area or a method of treatment.

So the key is not so much to look at the label a person gives themselves but how they can help you, each practitioner specialise in an area or two, along with this look at the way they choose to treat and does it suite your needs.

My treatment is mostly through the use of homeopathic remedies as I find them long lasting, cost effective, fast acting and effective on many levels both physically and emotionally, however I also look at diet, dietary changes, lifestyle, nutritional healing supplementation depending on your needs and state of health.

So to conclude we are all a form of naturopaths who have choose different paths of treatment and ways we assess and look at the body. We both try to provide a wholistic approach and an individual treatment for each person. We take our time to listen and assess a person needs and state of health. The difference is the form of treatment we use and this will be individual to the practitioner and there title.

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