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The Amazing power of Homeopathy

I was reminded today of the amazing powder of homeopathy, it was a simple case that gave much relief to the person taking it. A remedy taken only for one day, cleared an entirety of symptoms.

So you may be reading this wondering what is homeopathy and how does it work. Many times their is confusion between Homeopathy and Naturopathy. Sometimes the persons only knowledge of homeopathy comes from the media or something negative they have read. This is unfortunate if believed to be true, as the art of homeopathy is such that if administrated correctly can have the most amazing healing powders.

Homeopathy is magic in a bottle, or so that what my patients tell me when they are feeling amazing, and can't believe the extent of the healing on all levels mind, body and soul.

The long answer and more technical one is. Homeopathy is small nano particles of a particular substance that works.

on a molecular level, and by using the correct remedy to suite that individual natural self healing can occur. Our body are all capable of self healing weather you believe this or not and as such homeopathy works by activating these self healing methods. I feel their might be a little more to homeopathy that we have yet to discover, but for now the recoveries I see go a long way in showing me just how amazing homeopathy really is.

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