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Heavy Metals we must detox

I have spoken about this a few times before in articles that the most important form of detoxification these day is for heavy metals.

Over the passed 10 years the toxin in our environment have increased so much our bodies are unable to cope, and are over flooded. Our genes have not caught up and instead have mutated to a point where some people have trouble detoxing at all.

Some of you may have heard about the term methylation and certain genetic snips being mutated to a point where methylation in not possible and hence natural detoxification is also not working. This can have massive adverse effect on the body causing dementia, migraines, fatigue, skin conditions, muscle weakness, food intolerance, mood changes and auto immune conditions.

Unfortunately along side this new genetic snips that are passed on from parents we have an overload of toxins within our environment. Its in the air we breath and the foods we eat.

Things like mobile phones, wifi, non stick pans, plastic containers, tap water, dry cleaning, non organic food, cosmetics, sprays, cleaners, energy saving lights, hair dye and the list goes on add to our toxin.

Th body naturally moves toxin into our digestion through bile, however bile is gold to the body and re uptakes it with the toxin that you have been unable to remove. This could be due to dysbiois of the digestive system, leaky gut syndrome, methylation issues, toxic overload etc.

So what can we do about it ?

First off remove as many toxin from your environment

buy organic food - markets and self delivery from farms are the cheapest way, also look at co op groups where you can buy bulk.

turn off your wifi at night when you don't use it

leave electrical good aways from your sleeping area

buy natural cleaners and air freshers

avoid using poisons to kill pests

live far away from landfills and powerlines

avoid plastic were possible

ventilate your home and office

lower your intake of gluten

move aluminium pots and pans

use only natural and organic cosmetics

drink filtered water

use aluminium free deodorant

Second heal the problem

Find out if the problem is due to genetics, gut issues etc and then go on a program with your health professional to heal. Genetic testing for the snips can be done quite easily.

You can also check your heavy metal with an oligoscan.

The last thing is go on a 3 month detox, new studies have found a component called clinoptilolite, which moves the toxin away from the bile and out into the stool. The zeolite completely removes from the system making it quite safe and effective.

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